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2019 NeoCon Trends

This year marked the 51st annual NeoCon show and it definitely did not disappoint. From new social spaces like the Urban Boardwalk and Herman Miller's All Together Now to new and improved showrooms and highly accredited guest speakers- it was a very memorable event.

So let's jump into what was hot and trending.

1. Privacy and Boundaries. Privacy and Spacial Boundaries was the leading factor in furniture design is this year's most dominant trend. From cubes turned into mini private offices and benching designed with the individual and their own personal space in mind, it's clear that this trend will be a key factor in workplace design.

2. Elements of nature. We've seen more and more natural elements being brought back into the workplace over the last 5 years, and this year was no different. Planters are being designed into benching systems and occasional tables are turning into terrariums.

3. Resimercial Whoa. Resimercial styles have had a huge impact on design aesthetics over the last 5 years, but this year resimercial design was taken to the next level. See for yourself.

4. Rose gold, brass, brushed nickel, and gold accents were every where. From leg finishes and added details to USB ports (yes! We saw a rose gold USB port), this year was all about the metal accents and metallic finishes.

5. Outdoor Spaces. We've seen an increased interest in outdoor spaces recently and this year The Mart dedicated an entire floor of showrooms to outdoor furniture solutions! Heck Yes! They also added the Urban Boardwalk to the social spaces and it was an absolute hit. And as we aim our design strategy towards creating spaces that focus on the individual's overall experience and well-being, outdoor spaces are becoming part of that full circle.

6. Don't skip out on COLOR. One thing is for sure, and that is the love of color. From muted neutrals and matte mauve to neon pinks and yellows, color is something you couldn't avoid at this years show.

7. It's all about that base... that table base. Table bases are the prime area to add creative detail and great aesthetics to a space, according to this year's show.


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