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Introducing Kimball Canopy | Liberating People to Work the Way They Want

Over the last decade we have seen a growing transition from private offices and cubicles to an open office environment. And while an open office environment has its advantages, the limitations are beginning to surface.

The future of office workplaces is now controlled by technology and how people want to work. Some people prefer to sit and work, while others want to stand. Some people enjoy working in an open environment that inspires collaboration and creativity while others need privacy to stay productive.

Everyone works differently. So in a time that is ever-changing and reliant on personal preferences and technology, how do businesses cater to employees and their many different needs?

Introducing Canopy

Canopy is a workplace solution that liberates people to work the way they want to work. Moving beyond open plan benching, Canopy gives each user a versatile work tool that changes according to the needs of the moment.

"Canopy’s flexibility, high functionality and malleability was designed to address today’s demanding workplace needs. It is a response to how we work today. With its simple assortment of accessories, it gives users a high degree of customization. Canopy is an incredibly adaptable system that can be configured to meet the ever-changing needs of a wide range of end users.” —Primo Orpilla

Key Features

Variety is a key feature of the concept— the balance between collective and individual needs, collaborative and solitary work, the dictates of the morning and those of the afternoon. Canopy seamlessly combines utility with unexpected materials–exposed plywood edges, colorful work tools, wood truss accents, natural wool felt and a unique bungee display system–to create spaces that not only function, but inspire. With Canopy, creating an invigorating environment that expresses company culture while allowing personal space choices is simple.

Incorporating height-adjustable surfaces, privacy booths, media walls and even free standing tables are just a few options Canopy offers. Not only will Canopy will fit into any open plan, it is also completely modifiable to give the user more acoustical and visual privacy as needed.

To learn more about Canopy, click here.

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