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As the COVID-19 crisis continues to evolve, Interior Resources Group is here to help. We are proudly partnered with 300+ commercial furniture brands that care. 


Contact us today and one of our experts will review your needs and fit your workspace with the proper tools to help create a safe, healthy and workable space to return to.

making workspaces safer without
compromising modern design

One effective social distancing solution for workspaces, public spaces, learning environments and healthcare environments is to implement glass walls and partitions to create safe spaces and physical distancing in otherwise communal areas.


As we start to think about the future and what our working spaces will look like, one thing is certain. Glass walls are effective in preventing cross-contamination, blocking airborne particles, are easy to disinfect and do not compromise that modern design that attracts top talent and success.  

safe and protective

Glass walls serve as a protective barrier, preventing
cross-contamination and other airborne particles from spreading

enhanced cleanliness

Glass is antimicrobial and can be cleaned and disinfected within seconds. Unlike other materials such as acrylic, wood and fabric which are porous and allow for bacteria to set in.

flexible and moveable

Our Muraflex glass solutions are flexible, highly customizable and come in a variety of options to best fit the needs of your space.  Whether you are looking for short term or long term solutions, our glass walls give you the flexibility to chose. 

aesthetically pleasing

Glass walls add architecture, sophistication and will elevate the design of any space by bringing in more light even when times like a global pandemic seem dark.  

a variety of solutions for a variety of spaces
  • private offices

  • meeting spaces

  • conference 

  • huddle 

  • phone booth

  • training

  • open office

  • workstations

  • industrial spaces

  • collaboration/common areas

  • classrooms

  • libraries

  • retail

  • banking

  • nurses stations

  • clinics

  • hospitals

  • public establishments

  • cafes

  • restaurants

  • government facilities


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