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creating safe, healthy spaces to return back to. 

As the COVID-19 crisis continues to evolve, Interior Resources Group is here to help. We are proudly partnered with 300+ commercial furniture brands that care. 


Contact us today and one of our experts will review your needs and fit your workspace with the proper tools to help create a safe, healthy and workable space to return to.

let us help convert your office into a safe, healthy, and workable workspace


Protect yourself and others with our wide variety of mountable and freestanding privacy screens-- perfect for benching systems and desks. 


space dividers

Build and reconfigure spaces with flexible space dividers.

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floor decals

Set protective boundaries with removable floor decals.

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sanitation stations

Provide sanitation stations throughout your workspace to help prevent the spread of germs

UV lamp.JPG

UV sanitation lights

Set scheduled UV light sanitation and sterilization to prevent the spread of bacteria and germs.

Clean Zonez 800px X 800Px.jpg

air purifyers

Keeping your space safe doesn't end at sanitizing worksurfaces and wearing masks. Investing in better air quality is key for a safe return.

Why Masks and Sanitizing Worksurfaces Aren't Enough
Don't know where to start?
Contact us today. Our experts will review your space and create a
custom strategy plan to help convert your space into a safe and healthy 
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